Disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem in our country. A conservative estimate of the used sanitary napkins to be disposed of each year in India is around 1.2 Million.

Sanitary pads are not purely made of cotton but they are made of cellulose gel. The dioxin present in the menstrual pads can cause ovarian cancer. Napkins are made to absorb wetness and, that is why, aside from cotton, they also contain rayon - a synthetic fibre - which is also dangerous because these pads contain dioxin and are thus not biodegradable.

Girls are usually reluctant to dispose of these used Sanitary Napkins/Pads either in a household bin or in a normal bathroom bin due to embarrassment and foul smells emanating therefrom which, being a toxic waste, can be harmful to health.

The most commonly seen ways of disposing of sanitary napkins are either wrap them in a plastic bag and drop in trash bins/ bathroom waste bins or flush them into the water closet in the toilets. Flushing the used sanitary napkins into the WC leads to the closets getting clogged over the time and clearing the closet of the clutter is no small a problem.

The used napkins thrown into the trash bins at public places cause untold health hazards to the public, as they are non-biodegradable.

However, disposing of the used pads in a SANITARY NAPKIN INCINERATOR is the most scientifically proven healthy, hygienic, safe and environment friendly method. The Incinerator burns the pads consuming minimal power and converts them into ash, which can be easily flushed into the drain.

Start using the Napkin Incinerator and say goodbye to your pad disposal woes!!

“Don’t throw away your pads, throw away your nappy disposal worries once and for all !!

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